Heritage NW Real Estate, Inc. has been an icon recognizable to the residents of East Linn County since 1992. During that time, we have developed a reputation of honesty, fairness and dedication to our clients that’s second to none.

Our company is not about mass production of real estate deals.  We are about the relationships and making sure our clients receive the customer service they all deserve!

Real estate is a service industry and our agents fully understand the term “service” when it comes to meeting the needs of our clients. Although the transaction may have closed, our agents often become trusted friends and reliable resources to our clients for years to come.

Service doesn’t just begin and end with real estate and because of that, several of our agents have been recognized either by the real estate industry, service organizations and/or their local community for accomplishments that far exceeds the norm.

So what does that mean to you? Real estate is not a 9 to 5 job and we recognize that. We earnestly strive to provide your needs when you’re available. That means evenings and weekends become work days. That means meeting inspectors, appraisers, and contractors when you want us to. It also means if Mom and Dad, or Aunt Harriet wants to see your dream home, we’re there when you are. 

Whether you’re buying or selling, be assured your interests, concerns, and needs will be handled with listening ears, knowledgeable and competent minds and most of all, a caring heart. It’s just the way we do things here at Heritage NW Real Estate, Inc.

Until we have the pleasure of meeting you, thank you for visiting our site and we hope you enjoy your stay.

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